Friday, December 2, 2016

Later in life pregnancies

I am happy being the mother of one. My husband and I are satisfied with our family size and neither of us is pining for another baby. Don't get me wrong - I do sometimes wonder what life would be like with a second child (and it usually scares me a bit). Also - at least in my mind - I think of myself as too old to have another baby.

There has been a lot of research around high risk pregnancies, so it was surprising to see this small but interesting study done on the positive effects of having children later in life. I've seen research before about the benefits of having children earlier in life, and all those benefits were gains for the children. But this study focused entirely on what the mother gains from a later-in-life pregnancy: Potentially longer lifespan and higher cognitive functions in old age.

Although those benefits are not going to be the deciding factor in anyone's decision to have another baby, for pregnancy-minded women who are past their mid-30s, it might give them some comfort. At the end of the day, deciding to have a baby and when in your life you want to have children is a personal choice.

At what age do you think you are too old to have a baby? Tell me in the comments.

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