The 100 Challenge

Take one year of your life and do 100 of something. Preferably something you haven't done before.

At the beginning of 2013, I gave myself a challenge to read 100 books in a year. I thought it would take all year, but I actually ended it a few months early. It was fun and a real conversation starter with other people. I learned a lot from reading all those books - about myself, my writing, my career and what interests me outside of motherhood.

I loved the idea of 100 so much, I decided to give myself another challenge: To try out 100 new recipes in a year's time.

So, now I am challenging you to join me: Just do something new that is separate from actively being a Mom. Does 100 sound like a lot? Don't think of it as 100 - think of it as 2 per week and you'll be so happy when you finish to see what you've accomplished. Do it for yourself (get back in touch with the person you were before you had children). Do it for your spouse (so you have something new to talk about before you both fall asleep on the couch.) Do it for your children (so they learn that Mom is really an amazing complex person).