Friday, June 23, 2017

Please pass the milk

My son and I are having breakfast before I have to take him to camp. I like this extra time together in the morning. And I like what we are eating: Muffins and milk. My son drinks milk like most children do, so when he pulls the cup away from his face, there is a white mustache above his top lip.
We are milk drinkers. Specifically, we drink cow's milk. I fully appreciate the wide-range of other milks out there for people who are lactose intolerant, but I also chuckle at the idea of milking an almond. There are no allergies in our family, so when my son turned one we introduced him to cow's milk and haven't looked back.

So, I pay attention to milk studies, like this one that questioned my belief in all the "does your body good" ads of my youth. And this new one that points out that children who drink alternative milk (read: non cow's milk) tend to be shorter than those who do.

Granted, it is not a lot shorter, but since my son has declared that he wants to be taller than my husband and I, we are not going to take any chances: We are going to stick with cow's milk.

What type of milk does your family drink? List your favorite in the comments.

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