Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Does milk still do your body good?

I grew up watching those milk commercials where a scrawny tween drank milk to capture the attention of an older, hotter teenager. And to this day, I drink milk. I don't drink the supposedly recommended three cups a day, but I do generally have a cup a day. From a young age, I bought into the whole marketing campaign: Yes, I want strong bones and teeth and I understand that milk provides me with the bulk of my daily calcium needs.

But, is drinking milk bad for us?

There has been a slew of research in the last few years that indicates that milk may not be doing us all that good. Like many people, I have wondered why human babies are the only species that drink milk long into their adulthood. But, again, I always thought that the benefits far outweighed logic.

As someone who takes her calcium levels seriously and who has a vitamin D deficiency, this is kind of important to me. My milk is fortified with something I have been told that I am lacking. Should I be drinking this beverage or saving myself those calories for something else?  

My son drinks milk too, and his is fortified with non-fish formulated DHA. I would never take the drink away from him if he wanted it, but now I wonder if I am setting him up for a lifetime of drinking too much milk.

I know there are lots of non-milk drinkers out there. So, here's my question. How are you hitting your daily calcium and vitamin D requirements without milk? Supplements? Other foods?

For now, I will still stick with milk - at least for dunking my cookies.

Milk or no milk? Tell me how you feel in the comments.

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