Monday, April 24, 2017

Is it "Pokemon Go" or "Pokemon No?"

My son, like most boys in his class, is really into Pokemon right now. They don't play the card game (they don't know how), but they enjoy collecting and trading the cards and memorizing lots (LOTS) of information about each character. Side note: Later on in life when he is complaining about having to memorize information to pass a history test, I will remind him about all the memorizing he has done for Pokemon - for fun.

I don't want or have much knowledge about Pokemon, but I have found it to be a useful distraction: For example, when he had a bloody nose, I asked him a series of questions of who would win between two characters to prevent him from fixating on the issue at hand. He instantly calmed down to consider who would win in a battle against Squirtle.

So, we don't play Pokemon Go, as it goes against both my principles of increased screentime and time that I would spend having to know about the Pokemon realm.

But, I have to admit that families who do engage in that game see the benefits of additional time spent together as well as much-needed exercise. I like both of those things.

So now, I am torn.

Maybe someone needs to come up with an augmented screen game that gets us outside and doesn't involve characters I can't stand. Or, maybe, we should just put down our phones and go on a hike and scavenger hunt.

Do you play Pokemon Go? Why do you like it? Tell me just a little bit about it in the comments.

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