Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Staying in tune with Mommy

I do not sing very well.

I am OK with this state of being, and have no need to torture friends and family members at karaoke or spontaneously start singing during conversations as though life were a musical. (Full disclosure: I love musicals.)

Despite my lack of talent, however, I did find myself singing to my son when he was a baby. It was usually during the middle-of-the-night feeding, where I would alternatively mix between a few soft rock songs that I actually knew most of the words to and a song that I made up with whatever I was thinking about at the moment.

I sang to my son, just as all Mothers apparently do. And that is good, because the singing provides benefits to both the baby and the Mommy. A singing mother gives the baby much-needed sensory interaction, both as an auditory stimulant (even when off-key) and visual (babies gaze at their Mommies when they sing). A singing Mommy helps a baby focus.

For Mothers, the act of singing to their babies helps fight off postpartum depression - giving them a bond with their little one that they may need. So, even if you can't sing, don't be afraid to sing to your baby - they are the least judgemental audience you could ever ask for.

What song did you usually sing to your baby? Share with me in the comments.

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