Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It's time for a jingle about vegetables

I have a knack for remembering the theme songs to 80s television shows and commercials. (My husband is both in awe and disturbed by this "talent.") I would like to think that this is some sort of mental agility on behalf of my amazing memory, but the reality is that I watched too much TV and those jingles were meant to be catchy. So, they stuck in my brain, much like how I was stuck on Band-Aids brand ('cause Band-Aids stuck on me.)
What rhymes with "carrots?"

I don't wish this super power on anyone.

But here is some advertising I can get behind: A recent study has shown that marketing ploys work to get children to eat vegetables. Banners with colorful, fun characters making a positive association with vegetables influenced more children to visit the salad bar at school than at a location that didn't use the banners.

I like this study, and I think we should go all out with a song. Yes, I know that Sesame Street had Captain Vegetable, and he was a great start, but we need something that is a little catchier (and shorter) that children can hum while reaching for the salad tongs.

What's your advice on getting a child to eat their veggies? Share with me in the comments. 

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