Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The eyes have it

My eye doctor's office texted me to say that it was time for my annual eye exam. And I immediately set up my appointment.

To put this in perspective, my dentist and my regular doctor have also both notified me for an appointment. But I haven't responded to them. (I will, just not right now.)

I love my eye doctor. I used to go to a mean eye doctor, but he was mean, so now I go to my current doctor who is insanely nice. I have recommended her to about 12 people and when my son is a little older, I will take him there as well.

Vision health is important to me. This is probably because I've had vision issues for as long as I can remember.

I understand that not all families take vision health as importantly as I do. Even though I know that, I was sad to read that children are not getting vision exams, even when they are covered with health insurance.

Here's the thing about eye exams that a lot of people don't understand: Vision tests and vision health are two separate things. And they are both equally important. I am super happy that my son has perfect vision, and I hope that continues. It is my responsibility to make sure that his eye health also stays as perfect as possible.

How's your eyesight? Tell me in the comments.

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