Friday, August 26, 2016

Long live Mom and Dad

My ears always perk up when I hear something getting linked to nature instead of nurture. (Science is cool.)

I remember when I was pregnant and my doctor said I should find out if my Mom was early or late with her first pregnancy to help determine if I was more likely to be early or late with my son.

(I learned that we hold onto the babies in our family for longer than 40 weeks. The doctors ended up inducing me anyway.)

I am not sure if that prompt by my doctor was backed by any science or if she just wanted to alleviate my fears. But the older my son gets, the more questions I ask my Mom about her experiences - just in case there is more to genetics than we give it credit for.

One newly popular discussion of nature versus nurture is how long we are going to live. I know lots of people who have learned their family history to be prepared for any medical anomalies, so it makes sense that they also learn how long their lives may be based off their parents' ages.

Maybe this all seems obvious, or maybe it is just a good reminder: Ask your parents more questions.

Do the people in your family tend to live a long time? Tell me in the comments.

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