Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Knowing your rights before becoming a mom

They say that the first few months of your child's life are some of the most important. They say that spending one-on-one time with your infant is necessary for developmental growth. They say that Mothers will be less likely to suffer from postpartum depression if they are able to connect with their babies.

But, what they don't say is how to meet all those needs if you are a working Mother.

I live in North Carolina, and although I am not planning on having any more children, it bums me out to learn that my state earned a D from the National Partnership for Women and Families in terms of its laws protecting maternity leave and other support for new parents. I am bummed for the woman who sits across from my cube at work who is about to go on leave and will have to return to her job sooner then she would like. I am bummed for the younger women on my team who talk about children "some day" and what it would be like to struggle with the work/family balance.

I hope that one day we can do better.

What grade did your state earn? Check out the results of the analysis and let me know in the comments. 

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