Friday, July 1, 2016

Please go home, Mom

Sometimes, I work late.

It's not intentional, but things happen, and I work a little later than I originally intended to. It's not frequent, as I am a huge advocate of the work/life balance for my employees, and I believe in setting a good role model for them and showing them that I don't work late (at least not very often).

And it is a great thing to go home on time - more time with my family, more time together at the oh-so-important family dinner table and more time with my husband.

And now I have another reason to go home on time: It's harming my health.

Every extra working hour over 40 starts to take its toll on women, giving them an increased likelihood of stress-related illnesses and chronic diseases. By the time a woman hits the 60-hour mark, she has tripled her risk of heart disease. Men, on the other hand, have a higher likelihood of arthritis, but none of the other diseases.

Researchers believe the disparity comes from women still performing their old-fashioned gender roles in addition to their working roles, meaning they take ownership of more of the household chores and family-rearing duties, earning them more stress in the process.

So, to all the working Moms out there, let me just say that it is time for you to clock out and try to take a well-deserved break. I know that it is easier said than done, but it is worth it if your health is at risk.

How many hours a week do you work in an office? Over 40? Tell me in the comments.

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