Monday, June 20, 2016

Why we need good Dads

Whenever people see my family for the first time, they tend to stare at my son, then my husband, then me. They are trying to see who my son resembles more. Most people ultimately give up and declare that my son is a perfect blend of my husband and I. (We think so, too.) I like knowing that my son is part me and part my husband, because we both - like all parents - have a big role to play.

For the first years of our son's life, my husband had to deal with playing second fiddle to Mommy. Our little guy has been very Mommy-centric up until this point. Now, he wants to do more and more things with Daddy. And that is great for so many reasons.

As this link reminds me, Dads play a really important role in their child's life - even if it doesn't always feel that way. Whether it is by talking to a child (early and often), rough-and-tumble adventure play or just by being a good role model, Dads are needed. But there are other items on the list on that link that I don't always think of keeping an eye out for, like getting Dads screened for depression (a big one since it has an impact on your child's health as well) and checking to make sure Dad's vaccinations are up-to-date.

Dads are awesome and important. Every day (not just on Father's Day).

Tell me what is wonderful about the Dad(s) in your life in the comments.

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