Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cooking at home

This past weekend, I helped my son make pancakes.

I phrased it that way on purpose, as this was the first time I let him take the lead in making pancakes while I supervised. Up to this point, I would only let him do the prep work and stir ingredients together. But this time I let him work with the batter on the stove and he even sliced the strawberries by himself.

He did a fantastic job.

We've had several conversations before about the importance of learning to cook. I've been working to foster my son's love of cooking by having him help me in the kitchen, by including him in the family meal planning and by letting him watch other children cook on those Food Network programs.

And now I realize I need to take it up a notch, as the latest research shows that more money was spent at restaurants last year than at grocery stores. While that doesn't necessarily mean that people have stopped cooking (restaurants can be pricier than grocery stores), it is part of an overall trend. Families are busy and they don't always have time for a home cooked meal in between school runs and soccer lessons or after a long day in the office.

But I think it is worthwhile to cook. Even if it means you eat a late dinner. Not only because of the control over ingredients used and nutrition overall, but because cooking is one of those skills that I believe everyone should have. So, I'll keep teaching my son to cook. And we'll keep having fun in the kitchen together.

Who taught you how to cook? Tell me in the comments.

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