Friday, June 17, 2016

The divorce list

We have all been to that wedding. You know the one. The one where you are trying very hard to be generally happy for your friend/relative and not say anything overly snarky, but - way down deep - you have a suspicion they are not going to make it as a couple. You don't want to be right, but you can't help how you feel. Then, after time passes and you hear word of the breakup, you have to bite your tongue and never admit to anyone that you knew it wouldn't last.

There is no lack of lists on the internet defining the keys to a long and healthy marriage. I was a bit surprised, however, to see this one in my inbox, detailing the signs that a couple is going to get divorced

It turned out to be a fun read, because it reminded me of how ridiculous these types of relationship lists can be. For example, the second tip to avoid divorce, points out that couples shouldn't have a lavish wedding, but a low-cost affair. But then the third tip points out that they should have more than 200 guests at their wedding. I am not sure how many people have successfully pulled off the low-cost wedding with more than 200 guests (and have everyone who attended say they enjoyed it). I can say that I did not have anywhere close to 200 people at my wedding, but that I happily did get the chance to talk and dance with everyone there.

So, you know, take the list with a grain of salt. People were not meant to live their lives by lists (except, maybe to-do lists, if you are into that kind of thing.) As for that wedding you are going to in which you know the couple is not going to last, try to enjoy it as a beautiful moment of happiness in life - however brief it may be.

What's the worst marriage advice you've ever heard? Leave it in the comments.

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