Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What made you stop reading?

My son and I are at the bookstore. He is super excited. He has been dragged around on chores with me all day: Car wash, food shopping, photo pickup, department stores and several other places. As a reward for his super helpful behavior, I told him that I would purchase him the book we are missing from his Magic Tree House series.

At the bookstore counter, he proceeds to tell the check out clerk:
  • Why we are there
  • Why he was missing book number 8
  • What had happened in the series so far
  • That he hopes we will read the book when we get home
We read the book later that day in one sitting, which is good, because he hates breaking up one of his Tree House books into multiple sessions.

I can't say I blame him. I really enjoy reading my books in one session (or at least several long sessions) as well, but I know that most people find it hard to find time to do that. 

I've read that publishers are now trying to determine how long we have to read our books before we put them down again. As more people read electronic books, publishers are tracking reading habits. That's right: How much of the book you read, when you stopped reading it and even how long it took you to finish a book on your reading device is all being captured by publishers to try and create a better (more profitable) book.

But here's the thing: I read paper books. I like them for their feel, their smell and the fact that I stare at a screen all day. There is something in the act of turning the physical page that makes reading more enjoyable for me. So unless publishers are going to start following me around, I guess my reading data is somewhat secure.

Do you prefer to read physical books or do you prefer your e-reader? Tell me in the comments.

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