Friday, March 11, 2016

Could your weight be affecting your memory?

I know a lot of things that affect my memory: My ability to concentrate on one thing at a time, the way I initially experience the memory, the amount of sleep I've had, and whether or not I've just entered a room. But I had no idea that my weight could affect it.

In a small (but scary) study, researchers found that people with higher BMIs had lower scores on memory tests. I know that this may not be the tipping point that drives someone to a healthier lifestyle, but it has definitely gotten my attention.

Memory is important to me - I consider myself to be the keeper of my son's memories to the point where I've kept a journal of his life for the past five years. (That sentence seemed a little stalkish when I typed it; I assure you it is not stalkish.) The thought that I might have the chance to improve my memory and my health at the same time really appeals to me.

Do you ever worry about memory loss? Let me know in the comments.

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