Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm afraid to leave this room

So, I am afraid to leave this room before I finish writing up this blog post. I am afraid that leaving the room will make me forget what I am writing about. But more on that in a moment.
Background image by Shawn Campbell

Quick: What's your first memory? Is it pleasant or mundane or a little fuzzy? I've been thinking a lot about memories lately as my son is getting toward the age when our long-term memories first start to stick. I often wonder what his will end up being: Zipping down the sidewalk on his bike? Lining up cars in the family room? Snuggling with me to read books at bedtime? I can only hope that it reflects the fun and joy that we normally have in life.

And, I find it somewhat fitting that my son is starting to gain memories at the point where I am starting to lose my memory big time.

Back to the fear of leaving this room.

In case you missed this research, walking through a doorway is like a "mental wipe." We've all had it happen to us: You enter a room, only to forget what you came into the room for. Then, when you go back to your original destination, you remember what you wanted (hopefully; some times it is lost forever).

So, now you know: Blame it on doorways.

But, since we are not moving to a one-room house anytime soon, I am looking for ways to improve my memory. And, at the same time, I hope to help my son make some better memories in the process.

What did you forget today? Tell me in the comments.


  1. It's funny you mentioned the doorway theory. I have often joked (but really been serious) when I advised friends, relatives, colleagues to walk backward to retrace their steps. I told them that they would remember what was forgotten at the exact point where the "memory" became stuck. Sure enough, this would work. (I've done this numerous times.) I too have thought about my "First Memory" especially after becoming a mom. I was only 21 months old when I went with my Dad to pick up my Mom and baby brother. It was a moment that had a huge impact on me...a happy one. Love this topic and will probably write more. Your writing is inspiring. It's always worth the read! Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Mary! And thank you for sharing: You have a truly powerful first memory - I hope you and your brother are still close!
      The doorway thing gets me to this day...I find myself often returning to the original room and then setting out on my path again - this time while concentrating.