Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hanging out with grandma

My son loves spending time with his grandparents. Specifically, he likes spending time with his grandparents when I am not around. And I can respect that: He has a special relationship with them and doesn't need me around to develop it. And that works out well for all of us. His grandparents can set their own rules and spoil him to their hearts' content, and my son can enjoy the love and attention from another group of people.

And, as a bonus, rewarding relationships between grandparents and grandchildren lessen depression for both groups. When these two groups hang out, grandchildren get the benefit of learning their family history and exposure to different skill sets. My son for instance, learns how to dance, gardening skills and the importance of cowboys in the West. Grandparents receive a key touchstone into younger life and ideas. Sometimes they even get ideas for their blogs. (Love you, Mom!)

So, I don't mind what happens at grandma's house without me, as long as all parties involved benefit.

What do you like about having your children and parents hang out together? Tell me in the comments.


  1. I love that my children are not only making memories with their grandparents but they are learning the fun things I learned from them and even better ones. Because now my parents have mellowed out and they just enjoy spending time with them. They learn to paint and draw pictures, feed birds, play in the mud and they like to help their grandparents with minor chores, like folding clothes, cooking and sweeping. They don't look at them as chores at all, it's just fun there!