Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Robot shows babies are manipulating their parents to smile

There is a special moment between newborns and their parents, when the baby first smiles. Lots of people will try to ruin this moment, saying that it is just gas or that smiling is a learned response so the baby didn't mean it, but those people are awful, because as a parent you just know that the smile was because your baby loves you.

You smile at your baby; your baby smiles back at you. And it is beautiful.

Now some awful researchers decided to make a robot that replicates the way a baby smiles at their parents. If you make it to that link and you look at that baby robot, then I am sorry. If you don't want to click on the link, then I will just give you the results: It turns out that babies are smiling at opportune times so that they can receive more smiles from their parents than they have to dole out.

I know that a lot of data and time went into that study, but that is not necessarily one that I wanted to know more about. What I wanted to believe was that when my baby smiled at me I had earned it.

Tell me about the time your baby first smiled at you in the comments. (I promise I won't ruin it for you.)

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