Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First comes love, then comes marriage...or whatever

Marriage before baby or baby before marriage?

For my husband and I we chose to get married before having a baby. Even though we had been together for a really long time, it was important to us to have the contract in place before we brought a new life into this world.

Other couples end up having the baby first - whether intentionally or not - and then decide to get married later (or don't).

I'm not trying to start a debate on what the better path is here - I'm just stating the obvious that both of these scenarios occur and it is a deeply personal opinion on what works best for the couple.

Then why bring it up at all? Well, mostly, because there is some good news. In the past, couples who had a baby before they said "I do" had a higher divorce rate than couples who followed the traditional order of marriage then baby. But that is no longer true: The Council on Contemporary Families just released a study finding that couples who tie the knot after having a baby stay together at about the same rate as those who enter marriage before having a baby.

In our family, my son will often look through family photo albums and point out pictures of the adventures my husband and I had before marriage and asks, "Where was I?" I always tell him the same thing, "We were still waiting to have you." And for now, that answer is enough.

Do your children know the story of how their parents met? Let me know in the comments.

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