Friday, September 25, 2015

Four day school weeks

Five mornings a week I have the same conversation with my son involving the reality of it being morning (despite the lack of sunlight) and how he will need to depart the happy warmth of his bed and zombie-walk his way to the bathroom to get ready for school. My cheerful morning greetings are met with dreariness and drudgery.

But that is because I live with bears. And, in my experience, bears don't like waking up for anything that's not fun and games.

On the weekends, however, when my little bear is allowed to sleep in as long as he wants, he is a happy child. Ridiculously, run-around-the-house happy.

So, when I read about the idea of moving to a four-day school week for students, I have very mixed emotions. And since I love lists, I have put my thoughts in the proper format:
  1.  Yes, sleep and the chance to allow brains to rest are important, but so is structure. At least in our family. My son responds well to a structured day, and even on the weekends, I ask him about his plans and goals and make sure he has a good mix of free time and activities.
  2. Would we switch to a four-day working week for adults, too? Changing to only four days a week for children instantly becomes a nightmare for families with parents who work full time.
  3. In a time when we hear so much about educational reform, wouldn't it be great to have four days spent in core classes and one school day devoted to the arts?
How would your family life change if your school went to a four-day week? Tell me in the comments. 

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