Friday, August 21, 2015

Why are we all scared of math?

Full disclosure: Math was not my favorite subject in school. But even though I didn't care for math, I still made really great grades in it.

To me, math was too finite. If I was writing an essay, I could write my way out of a corner. With math, you were either right or wrong with your answers. And my teachers usually only explained one way to solve the problem, which was hard to follow.

I will admit that I am not enthralled with the idea of having to learn how to do math all over again when my son goes through it. But I will be happy if they teach him more than one way to solve for x.

And, evidently, I should never let him know that I don't like math.

A study published in Psychological Science has found a link between math anxiety in parents and their children. (I knew I could pass fears onto my son, but I didn't think geometry could be one of them.) Children who hear their parents talk about not liking math or not knowing enough math to help them with homework often do worse in the subject overall than children who get no help at all from parents. sounds like this is a great excuse for keeping my mouth shut and not helping my son with his math homework at all.

(Just kidding...I'm good to help him out until calculus. From there, he is on his own.)

What was your favorite subject in school? Tell me in the comments.

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