Monday, August 24, 2015

Subject Line: WFH

It usually happens on a Friday or a Monday. I'll be in the office, waiting for my email program to start, and they will start to filter in: The Working From Home messages.

One or two emails that come in with the WFH subject line are common enough: Sick children, sick adult, work being done at the house and vet appointments are all part of daily life. I am thankful to work for a company that allows us to be flexible with our working arrangements and work from home when needed.

It's the days when there is a teacher workday or school closure and the WFH messages flood my inbox that I realize how hard great daycare is to come by.

The Washington Post recently ran some numbers and the results were disheartening: More than 75% of moms polled have indicated that in order to take care of their children, they have done one of the following:
  • Passed up on career advancement opportunities
  • Switched jobs for one with more flexibility
  • Left the workforce
With childcare costs affecting many families - to the point where moms returning to work would not earn enough salary to cover the cost of daycare - this issue is a hot topic. For years women have been told that they can have it all - work and family. But that isn't true if they can't foot the daycare bill.

What is your current daycare situation like while you are at work? Share with me in the comments. 

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