Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Having a baby with an IUD on the side

During my first follow-up appointment after having my son, my OB/GYN looked at me and asked, "Do you want another baby right away?"

"Ummm...can I just enjoy this one for a bit first?" I asked.

He laughed and we talked about an intrauterine device and he got me on his schedule the next week to get one placed so I didn't have to worry about there being a baby number 2 before I was ready.

But, it turns out, he could have had that conversation with me while I was still pregnant and then placed the IUD for me right after the birth.

A study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology found that more than 80% of women whose IUDs were placed during their C-sections were still using them six months after birth, compared 64% of women who had planned to get IUDs at a separate office visit. While the study admits that there is still a slight chance that the device will be expelled if placed right after birth, they point out that a doctor can check the placement in one of the numerous follow-up postpartum appointments.

When I think about what my world was like after having my son, I was amazed at the days that I was showered and dressed, not to mention visiting the doctor to make sure I didn't have any surprises on the way. It makes sense to me that it is easier to get the device while you are at the hospital rather than wait for six weeks afterward.

The issue is that not all insurance companies are on board with the practice - preferring to bill out services separately instead of all within the same visit (because of course they would want the most money possible).

But I think it is at least worth the conversation with your doctor while you are still pregnant. As we previously discussed, a woman's body is meant to rest between children.

What were your days like as a new mother? Were you able to get a shower in? Did you know what day it was? Try to share that blurred time in the comments.

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