Monday, April 6, 2015

Of course your time with your child matters

Think back to your childhood and the time that you spent with your parents. (I'll give you a second.) What were the interactions you had with them like? Now that you have children do you find yourself using their ideas for fun holidays or improving on some of their rules that you didn't like?

Think about all the ways they influenced you - either through being there or not being there. And that personal experience is all you should need to debunk the study claiming the amount of time spent with children doesn't matter.

(If you want the lowdown dissecting the problems with the study, you can find those here.)

All of my interactions with my son aren't heartfelt, meaningful moments. Life isn't like that. But there are those moments where he has my undivided attention and we are fully engaged in an activity together and we both completely enjoy each other's company...and those are the moments that matter.

What's a treasured moment you have with one of your family members? Share with me.

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