Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sex Ed classes for children and parents

When I was nine, my Mother showed me a video in which a mother created a uterus and ovaries out of pancake batter to show her friend's daughter how menstruation worked. Some of you may be weirded out by this, others of you will have a vague memory of the video and rest of you will be shocked at how many hits come back when you Google "pancake batter menstruation video." (Evidently, lots of people have fond memories of that video.)

The point is: Kudos to my Mom for locating that gem of a video from Proctor and Gamble and then having the guts to show it to me. It's true that sex education is important, but it is also true that sometimes it is easier to have a safe neutral party deliver this information (just maybe not through the medium of pancake batter).

Which is why I enjoyed this piece from the New York Times outlining various types of sex conversation classes that parents and children attend together. Classes that are "for girls only" or "for boys only" create a safe, anonymous environment for asking questions, which can alleviate fears for both children and adults.

But, I still think sex education is an ongoing conversation and not a one-time classroom deal. Keep it age appropriate and ongoing and the discussion leading to the full disclosure on sex will be easier.

After the pancake video, I recall not wanting to eat pancakes for a while. Did your sex education talk(s) ever traumatize you in some way? Tell me in the comments.
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  1. Have you ever seen/posted this video online?