Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's learn something: Valentine's Day Monsters are fun

When I was little, every holiday had a mascot. There were the usual suspects (Santa, Easter Bunny), and then there were the ones my mom made up. Like the one for Valentine's Day.
Behold: The Valentine's Day Monster.
But, now that I have a little guy, I am totally into holidays again, and I believe that every holiday deserves a fun little character with a plausible backstory. So, in our household, I've left heart-shaped tracks around the house leading to my son's Valentine's Day candy. On St. Patrick's Day, there will be a bunch of rainbows and a pot of gold (chocolate coins). And I just learned that there was an International Gnome Day, so you know we'll be celebrating that as well. Probably with little plastic gnomes. And...well, I have some time to work out the details.

The point is to celebrate more. I find that everyday adult life doesn't have enough opportunities for magic moments. So, we have to find ways to create our own. My son loves the scavenger hunts and dinosaur scenes (long live Dinovember!) and other surprises I have injected into his life. And I've noticed that when he thinks something is magical, I do, too.

So, what's your version of the Valentine's Day Monster like? How do you inject joy into everyday life? Tell me in the comments.


  1. I live in New England and St. Patrick's day marks the first day of the season to plant peas and lettuce/spinach. So my kids find a bag of coins hidden in the garden as we plant out seeds.

    1. That is an awesome tradition! I bet they compete a bit to try and find the golden coins first, too.