Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Giving your guy a break

My husband is a good family man. He takes excellent care of me and our son, and he participates in lots of family activities with us - even when they are no fun for adults. He is the kindest and best of men.

But I also understand that he needs breaks. Several times a year, he takes a motorcycle trip and hangs out with the guys. I've long understood that he needs this time away to re-energize and engage in a hobby that he loves.

And if I didn't realize that, then there is this study to tell me all about it. German researchers studying primates found that macaques experiences lower levels of stress hormones when they were hanging out with other males, versus spending time with the females and children in their families. The researchers then compared this data to human male behaviors. (Sorry, guys, but it is true, in this study you were found to be just like apes).

This seems a little obvious to me. But, what is odd is that there is no mention of females. Do our stress hormones lower when we are with other females? What about chick bonding time? I know that I always feel better when I hang out with my girlfriends for a long weekend. Do my primate cousins feel the same way?

I know that it is Christmas and everyone is all about family time, but when was the last time you had some time away from your family? Share the good memories with me in the comments.

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