Friday, August 22, 2014

Apparently, I've peaked

I went on a date with my son. For five hours we hung out together, I introduced him to the Lego store, we ate ice cream, he went on a carousel ride and we bought some books. He told me that he wanted to go on another date with me soon because he was "happiest with Mommy."

I love spending time with him - he is affectionate, snarky, funny and my buddy. I came back from our outing in a fantastic mood and then read a study about how my happiness level supposedly peaked about a decade ago and that I was now at an age where women experience the most stress.

And I laughed so hard.

Here's the thing I love about studies: They don't always apply to everyone. So, when I read that study about how women in their 20s generally have more discretionary income and fewer responsibilities, I didn't get it. I was pretty broke in my 20s, and working a pretty tough job. More than a decade later, I find myself with a much better working situation, a better income, an amazing husband and a kid who cracks me up. Do I get stressed sometimes? Absolutely. But, most of the time, I'm ridiculously happy.

This is one case for me where a study just doesn't apply.

Little things like games of Uno, snuggles and a pb&j all make me smile. What about you? Are you happier now then you were in your 20s? What age do you think you peaked in your stress level? Tell me in the comments.

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