Monday, August 25, 2014

Oh! You have a blog?

I don't broadcast my blog as much as I probably should. So, when I do mention it to friends or families and give a brief explanation of what it is about (news that all parents could use), I usually get one of the following reactions:
  •'s a mom blog then. That's nice. Change of subject.
  • You know what you should write about? You should write about <insert subject matter I would never write about here>.
I completely understand the first reaction. Parenting blogs aren't for everyone. In fact, I rarely mention my parenting blog to non-parents. I usually mention my other blog, which is actually my beloved, but often neglected podcast.

The second reaction usually reveals some insight into the person that I am talking to. I have learned about my friends' previously hidden political ideologies, conspiracy theories and new age thought processes from whatever they are telling me to write about. Some of them should get their own blog just so I can learn more about their crazy ideas. I'm fascinated, but it's not for me.

Then there is my husband, who reads my blog avidly to make sure I don't talk about him too much (just kidding, honey). Even he likes to make casual remarks along the lines of, "There's a blog post somewhere in this," whenever anything unusual happens at home. Sometimes there is a future post idea; most of the time there is not. (Sorry, honey, I'm not writing a post around the "pooping song.")

I started this blog a year ago, and I am happy to still be writing it. I've learned a lot after starting this blog - both about myself and about what my readers like:
And that makes me happy. Because it means we are interested in the same things. One year into this and I want to keep it going.

What's your mood toward your blog these days? A pleasure or a chore? Tell me in the comments.

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