Monday, October 7, 2013

Who is afraid of the dentist? I am

Play-Doh dentist kit
OK, I'm not really afraid of the dentist. I just really, really don't want to go. 

Happily, my son doesn't know that. 

And that is a good thing because a recent study suggests that if a parent is afraid of the dentist then it is more likely that a child will exhibit fears, too. That makes sense.

For the record, the last dentist I saw was actually very nice. On his patient form he had a section that said: Are you afraid of the dentist? Yes or No and Please rate your fear on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most amount of fear). Smart man.

I am trying to let go of my dentist anxiety and erase the memories of the fluoride trays and all the suctioning and start new happy-dentist memories with my son. We read books about the dentist and talk about our teeth and gums. A dentist came to his school and talked to all the children. He and I floss together. 

But I think I am going to stop short of getting the Play-Doh Dr. Drill set (pictured). Are you kidding me?

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