Sunday, October 6, 2013

Are you talking about my generation? Living on the cusp

I have no idea what generation I am actually in. Since there are no officially agreed upon cutoff dates, I can only say that I was born during the overlap years between Generation X and Generation Y.

I am fine with having characteristics that are hallmarks of each generation. Like my Gen X brothers and sisters, I grew up during the emergence of music videos, did not idolize world leaders and wore a lot of flannel during the grunge years (sorry, Mom). But, like most of my Gen Y siblings, I lived the majority of my life in a single parent home, got along extremely well with that parent (love you, Mom), am not very religious and participate in social media.

Normally, this living on a cusp isn't a problem for me. I just find it confusing when I read articles on generational research that play with the cutoff dates and I wonder where I fit in. But, then sometimes there is a nice blend of generations: This Ad Age article on millennial parenting is intriguing in the way it points out that millennials act just like the parents before their generation.

If you wonder how millennial you are (no matter what your age is), you can take this Pew Research quiz to find out, then defend or criticize your score in the comments.

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