Monday, October 21, 2013

Is that baby snoring?

Image by Walt Stoneburner
It's late at night. You are about to head off to bed, but before you do, you make a quick stop in your child's bedroom. After readjusting the covers (how do they kicked off every night?) and retrieving various animal friends from the floor, you hear it. It may be quiet at first, but then it becomes an easily identifiable sound. Is your child snoring?

Yes, lots of children (and adults) sometimes snore. But, this recent study from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center suggests that children are more likely to snore if their parents do. So now the question becomes: Do you (or your spouse) snore?

I think most people realize that snoring disturbs your sleep, but it can be far more serious than a grumpy child in the morning. Take take note of the snoring, especially if it is loud, persistent and if it seems that your child has behavioral problems in the daytime. Once you have all that information, it is worth having a conversation with your doctor. Your child's long-term health could depend on it.

What about you? Do you snore? Do you ever worry about your spouse's snoring keeping you awake at night?

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