Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's learn something: How to scare away monsters

Background image by Shawn Campbell.
I remember my mom checking under my bed and in my closet for monsters when I was little. The nighttime ritual made me feel better, even when I wasn't sure what a monster was. I love these ideas for getting past things that go bump in the night:

Talk with your child
Are they afraid of actual monsters? Or did they hear about scary monsters at school? Can you get your child to draw the monster or describe it? It helps to know if you are dealing with something that is real in their minds or if they are scared of the dark.

Introduce some fun monsters
Sesame Street taught me that monsters can be fun. And some of them really, really like cookies.

The dark is scary
Read books like The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark to help your child learn about the dark. Also invest in a nice nightlight - it helps if your child picks it out.

Security friends
Make sure all your child's bedtime friends are close at hand. My son has woken me at 3 am because he couldn't find his favorite cat.

Spray monster repellent
This works if your child has a tangible fear. You can buy it, but it looks like more fun to make your own.

Repeat the routine
Whatever routine you have for night, make sure to keep it the same. This goes for babysitters, too!

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