Sunday, November 3, 2013

The cat doesn't understand daylight savings time & Moms are people too

Our cat (who we love) is on a diet. And she is hungry. HUNGRY! She knows that Mom will be the one who is going to get up and feed her. I woke at 6 am, which (thanks to the end of daylight savings time) was really 5 am, and decided I might as well stay up and enjoy the extra hour of my day.

As Moms, we cherish our time to ourselves. If we have any free time in our schedules, we think about the things we have to get done and the myth of getting some extra sleep and all the little things in between. Our days are made up of chores, activities, routines, work, play, education and sleep.

With all of that going on, we forget that we deserve time to ourselves.

When my son was born, he was the center of my world - especially the first year when I breast fed him. But now that he is a little older, he can play on his own for longer periods of time, and I can focus on something else.

I have memories of my mother doing other activities - gardening, writing, meeting up with friends - activities that did not include me. And that is how I learned that Moms are people, too. (So, thanks, Mom!) I started carving out my own time with my 100 challenge. I thought it would take all year, but I've finished reading 100 books. Now, I need 100 of something else. (Yes, I will still be reading.) 

I encourage you all to try it: Challenge yourself to a new hobby, or take the challenge and complete 100 of something:
  • Complete 100 puzzles.
  • Write 100 blog posts.
  • Plant 100 trees.
  • Journal 100 pages.
  • Create 100 pictures.
  • Knit 100 scarves.
Just do something new and that is separate from actively being a Mom. Does 100 sound like a lot? Don't think of it as 100 - think of it as 2 per week and you'll be so happy when you finish to see what you've accomplished. Do it for yourself (get back in touch with the person you were before you had children). Do it for your spouse (so you have something new to talk about before you both fall asleep on the couch.) Do it for your children (so they learn that Mom is really an amazing complex person).

As for me, I'm going to try out 100 new recipes next. Since I'm up early, I think I'll start with breakfast.

Let me know what you are going to do in the comments.


  1. What a great idea! Ambitious sure but it's fantastic!

  2. great idea Lauren........though i'm late

    1. It's never too late to join the party! Welcome aboard!