Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The price of fame

I don't ever want to be famous. Not that anyone is actively offering this as an option for me, but fame is not on my short list. There seems to be an undercurrent thread of heartbreak and downward spirals often associated with being a celebrity (at least according to all those Behind the Music episodes I watched and all those news stories on former child stars). I aspire to live a quiet life with my family and friends.

And I understand that not everybody wants that life. Still, it was somewhat surprising to read that a lot of young people want to be celebrities so badly that they would give up their family, spouses and even forgo having children.

Which makes me wonder: If you give up everyone to have it all, who are you enjoying your life with? 

I know lots of families (including mine) that emphasize togetherness, education and hard work, hoping that those are the values that children keep when they grow up. I wonder what the magic formula is to make those concepts stick for the long run.

Do you ever want to be famous? Tell me in the comments.

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