Friday, February 10, 2017

Moving your way to happiness

I recently went through my work calendar and made a whole lot of appointments with myself to move more. I figure that if it is on my work calendar I will be more likely to do it, and it will also prevent someone else from getting on my schedule if I show as booked. I then went the extra step (no pun intended) of recruiting someone at work to do this with me. (I have found that accountability helps me stay on task.)

For a long time, I've known that I need to move more in my day. I've struggled with a lot of excuses, but I also know that I am generally focused on the benefits to my weight and energy level. I often skip over the potential boost to my mood.

Because, for most people, getting up and moving around puts us in a better mood.

There's a lot of science I could write about here to back that statement up and there is anecdotal evidence I could provide as well around a time that exercise led to happiness. But, I think we all know that this is a benefit that we don't talk about enough.

It's time to get up and shake off our bad mood. For me, that will be one calendar appointment at a time.

What do you do to remember to move more during your day? Share your tips with me in the comments.

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