Friday, January 27, 2017

What your home says about you

My Mother calls me a classic underbuyer.

There are probably many reasons for this: The fire that we had when I was little that taught me that possessions are not important. Or the series of apartments and moves that we went through that taught me to go through all my things once a year and get rid of what I didn't need. Or maybe even being married to my husband who values empty space as much as I do. Add it all up, and I have found that I am fortunate enough to live an uncluttered life.

Even with that knowledge, I am not sure I would invite a researcher into my home to tell me how it reflected our lives. But, that is exactly what some very brave people did, resulting in the Center of Everyday Lives of Families study.

The study found some problems that plague most families: Too much screentime, not enough family time, families aren't eating meals together. But, much to my surprise, there was a sneaky extra member of the family that was causing everyone additional stress: Clutter. It came in the form of toys, full garages and buying in bulk and was a source of strain for busy people who didn't have time to tackle the problem and felt overwhelmed by it.

Like most times when I've read about clutter stories, I had the itch to go and clean out my closet. (Thanks, Mom!) All of this just reminds me how unimportant stuff really is.

How often do you get to de-clutter your home? Tell me in the comments.

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