Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My husband's other mom

Sometimes my Mother and my husband trade texts. I have decided this is unbelievably sweet (as long as they aren't discussing me).

For her part, my Mom adores my husband - she calls him when she needs help with something, they have been known to refer to each other as "son" and "mom," and she has always welcomed him into our family.

For his part, my husband has a profound respect for my Mom, offers to take care of chores and other tasks for her and supports me when I want to spend some time alone with her.

So, they get along really well. I mean, there was that one time right before our wedding, where my Mom put him into a half hug/half headlock to have a "private discussion," but neither of them talk about this. (Although I do have photo evidence of its occurrence.)

I never really stopped to analyze my husband's relationship with my Mom until I read this article which points out that his being on good terms with my parents is crazy important.

So, thanks, Mom and Honey, for having fun with each other, and respecting one another and accepting one another as family.

But, seriously, do not trade texts about me.

Does your husband get along with your Mother? Tell me in the comments.

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