Monday, January 23, 2017

Are you a snooper?

One day I asked my work team to stand in a circle, unlock their phones and pass them to the person on their left.

Let me stop right here and explain a few things. My team has an incredibly strong support structure in place and the level of trust is incredibly high. They also love team building activities, so I have to choose ones that are a little more personal.

So, there was my group: Entrusted with one another's phones. And...none of them looked. None of them sent a weird text message or even opened an app. They talked about the huge responsibility they felt have that much access to someone's life and how it was sacred to them. They took care of each other.

And that makes my team very rare - because evidently a lot of people are snooping on their loved one's accounts.

All this made me think about the privacy conversations that take place in our household. My son already understands that security is important and to keep his passwords secure. But, he also knows that my husband and I share access to phones and maybe that is a future topic of conversation - when to share and when not to share.

Have you talked to your child about online snooping? Tell me in the comments.

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