Monday, December 19, 2016

Catching up with my guys

I was traveling for work last week and really missed my guys. The week before I left, I had gotten into the habit of playing card games with my son in the morning, and I missed that special time while I was away.

My son missed me, too, but he did have lots of fun with his Daddy. Which is good, because Dads are important.

I read a lot of parent studies, and frequently the research is focused on Moms. Dads, somehow, rarely get studied (or blamed) for whatever the child's behavior is. But a new study underlines how important Fathers are to the emotional stability of their children. And, for Dads, it's all about confidence.

This study made a lot of sense to me: Confident Dads will pick up more baby duties which helps relieve stress from Moms. And, as the child gets older, he or she will reap the rewards of emotional and behavior stability from both parents.

Am I pointing this out to get Dads to pick up more child duties? No. (But if that happens then that is a great side benefit.) I am pointing this out to say that Dads matter.

So here comes the loaded question: Do you share child rearing duties equally with your spouse? Share with me in the comments.

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