Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Don't forget to water the parents

I am very happy to be back at home to spend time with my son, especially as he is about to be off from school for the holiday. We have a list of special things for the two of us to do together while we are home. I am trying to treasure this time, because I know that one day, he will want his Mommy to be just like a plant.

Yes, it is true: Teens want their parents to be around, but in the background and not interfering with their lives, much like a potted plant.

But there are worse things in life than becoming a plant in my son's life, I suppose. At least I am around to watch him grow and I can still trip him with my roots when I think he is headed down the wrong path. I just hope he remembers to water me from time to time, since I have a feeling I will no longer be showered in his love and adoration as I am today.

Since no one has put Mommy in a corner (yet), I will enjoy making happy memories of this time with my son.

Did you wish your parent was around (in the background) more often when you were a teenager? Tell me in the comments.

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