Friday, September 23, 2016

Smart like Mom

My husband and I are smart about different areas of life. I've always been happy about that, because I think we round each other out nicely - I know stuff he doesn't know and vice versa. I remembered being elated about our intelligence balance when we had our son, because I imagined all the various ways we could teach him what we knew.

But that was before I learned that children don't listen to their parents. And that researchers now believe that children get their intelligence from their Mothers. (Sorry, Mom! and Thanks, Mom!)

As implausible as it sounds, science has been able to link intelligence to the X chromosome (of which women have two) and also been able to track the genes coming from the Mother as going to the cerebral cortex (Dad's genes go to the limbic system, so you can thank him for your hunger pangs and basic emotions.) 

Wait. So, I'm the responsible party for my son's intelligence? That's a lot of pressure. 

I guess it is good for me to remember that intelligence comes from both nature and nurture, so there will be plenty of opportunities for my husband to pass on his knowledge as well.

What area of life do you know more about than your spouse? Share your expertise in the comments.

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