Friday, September 16, 2016

Saying good-bye to my fitbit

I'm not wearing my fitbit anymore.

A few months ago, my fitbit stopped recording my data. I was alarmed and upset as I tapped away at the screen only to stare into an empty, unlit space. After a long period of time on the charger, several internet searches and a pulled apart paperclip, I got it up and running again. Those blinking lights followed me around my day, recording my every move.

Last week it crashed again. Specifically, it crashed about 600 steps into my morning run. The next day, I was able to get it up and blinking again, but I haven't worn it since. I have spent more than a week without the data telling me that I don't walk enough and that I don't sleep well some nights.

My son asked me where my fitbit was and I told him it was in my desk drawer and that I was done wearing it for a while. 

"But how will you know if you get all your dots for the day?" he asked.

"I won't. But that is OK." I told him.

I realized that lately the fitbit wasn't motivating me to move more or sleep better (and I'm not sure how I could have accomplished fixing my sleep). In fact, it has been making me feel worse lately. So, off it goes.

Maybe one day I'll wear it again, but for now, my wrist feels much lighter.

Do you have a way to track your movement throughout the day? Tell me in the comments.

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