Monday, September 19, 2016

I don't watch enough TV

My husband and I don't have enough shared television shows. This is entirely my fault. I don't pick up new shows very frequently and so there is often a dearth of entertainment for us to watch together at the end of a long working day.

I cannot pinpoint where my reluctance lies. There were a few shows that I watched that didn't get picked up for additional seasons, and that bummed me out. There is also the fact that I try to limit the amount of television that I watch overall. And, honestly, sometimes I am just not that interested in getting hooked into the lives/drama/story line at a time of the day when I just want to relax.

But, as I've recently learned, the couple that watches television together, talks more. In a somewhat small, yet interesting, study that revolved around couples and TV, researchers found that watching television shows together creates a shared social world that couples can discuss. That discussion helps them form a stronger relationship bond.

At this point, I should probably apologize to my husband for not watching enough TV with him.

But, here's the thing: There are other ways to get that shared social world bonding experience, including having a shared friends or by going to movies and other activities together.

So, maybe I don't have to pick up some new shows. Maybe I just need to find more ways to connect with my wonderful husband.

What shows do you and your spouse love to watch together? Tell me in the comments.

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