Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mom, can you read me a bedtime word problem?

I know we've talked about math before, but we are going to talk about it again.

When my son goes to bed at night, we read books together. We used to have this deal where he would read to me and then I would read to him, but he reads now as part of his homework time after school, so he gets to relax and listen to me read at bedtime.
I'll need my Texas Instruments graphing calculator for this.

So we go on book adventures, where we visit the past with time-traveling treehouses and learn snarky behavior from Tollins creatures and learn about magic from Hogwarts (yes, I know he was a bit too young for that one, but we stopped after the first book).

I love our story time.

And, once upon a time, I would get updates from this wonderful site called Bedtime Math, which would send me a math problem described as a story for my son to figure out the answer. I really meant to incorporate that into our bedtime routine, but I never got around to it.

Researchers, however, are starting to wonder: Why not do math at bedtime? Why not put the same focus on math as we have put onto reading? Why not do both?

I agree, it is a lovely thought, but after we are all snuggled together and get through our story, I can't see myself bringing pencil and paper into the equation.

Maybe I should try it before the story.

Do you incorporate math into your child's bedtime routine? Tell me how in the comments.

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