Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Looking for a moment of touch

My son was a snuggly baby.

I am truly happy about that. Sometimes I teasingly tell my son about all the time he spent sleeping on me when he was first born, but I usually tell him that story when he is sitting on my lap. I know that I am super lucky that he still wants to snuggle with me, and I hope that doesn't change anytime soon.

We hold hands when we walk, he likes to sit on my lap when we read together and he randomly throws his body at me in a "monkey hug" throughout the day.

I have lots of friends who are not ultra affectionate families, and I know that it works for them, but I can't help being thankful that we are a family of huggers.

And all that hugging is good for my son. We've long known about the importance of touch with babies - this is why so many of us initiate that skin-to-skin contact with our newborns as soon as we can. But there has been new research to indicate that the benefits of touch are long-reaching. Toddlers who are first making social connections are often soothed by touch while they play, as well as make stronger connections with the people they are playing with.

So, if it works for your family, don't be afraid to snuggle up. You may both be getting something out of it.

Do you consider your family affectionate? Tell me in the comments. 

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