Friday, June 24, 2016

Who is judging you?

Think about a typical day out with your family. Think of all the places that you may go and all the strangers that may overhear the way your family interacts.

Do you feel judged?

It's hard not to. In fact, almost all parents report feeling judged by somebody (other parents, strangers, their spouses), with women saying they feel the pressure more often then men.

I've been in stores where my son has started crying because he wants something. And I let him cry it out while speaking soft words to him like, "it's hard when you don't get what you want, I know, but we're not getting you that today." Did other people look over at me since my child was screaming in the shopping cart? Yes. But I figured that if they were parents they knew what I was going through. And if they weren't parents, I figured they had no right to judge me.

My son would eventually stop crying and he learned the lesson that this particular tactic didn't work on Mommy. 

We all feel the pressure to be good parents, and it is hard to think that others aren't questioning our actions. The important thing to remember is to stay focused on your family, not what other people think.

How do you shake off the judgement of others? Tell me in the comments.

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