Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Balancing the weight issue

I have a little secret: I am concerned about my son's future weight. He's not in any danger of being overweight right now, but it is an issue that I try to keep my eye on. Is he getting enough regular exercise? Eating enough healthy food? Growing the way he should? I am concerned about all these things.

Clearly, I read too many parent studies and they weigh on my mind.

But here's the key point: I don't let him know that I am concerned. His latest doctor checkup tracks him within the same percentiles he's been within since birth. There's no need for me to change up his eating/exercise habits.

I'm lucky, because parents who are concerned about their children's weight and make changes to their diets are finding that the change may be causing a larger problem.

There's so much discussion around children's weight these days: Everything from parents not being able to recognize that their child is overweight to issues with body shaming. What's a parent to do?

The experts say to focus conversations around having a healthy lifestyle. As much as that sounds like a cheap cop out, that is pretty sound advice.

How do you help your child make healthy choices? Share your tips in the comments.

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