Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Good cop; bad cop

At work, when things get rough for my team, I have to play the role of bad cop. (Or maybe it is mean cop, I am not always sure.) The point is: I sometimes have to be the tough guy to back up my team. And I am happy to take on that role. At work.

Home is another story: We don't play any type of good cop/bad cop when it comes to our son. My husband and I try to be on the same team when it comes to rules, repercussions and everything in between. Does this always work? Of course not. There are certain subjects that my husband is more lenient on, and there are certain things that I am more lenient on. But, overall, I think we make a good pair.

And that is beneficial for our son, as good cop/bad cop parenting styles can be unhealthy for children.

This seems like common sense: It is unfair for children to associate one parent with discipline and another with rewards. Also: This is unfair for parents. 

We have one simple rule when it comes to dealing out punishments:

The parent who dealt the punishment is responsible for removing it.

This prevents the other parent from being the one who rewards the child.

What rules do you have in place to prevent a good cop/bad cop parenting structure in your home? Tell me in the comments (but tell me nicely).

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